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About Us

dean_000Dean, at the controls of the
Great Escape ll

Dean Tronrud, owner

Dean has been diving since 1986 and has been a PADI instructor since 1991. He has a full service dive shop that has outfitted many of the divers in northwestern Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota with dive gear.In the summer, you can find Dean at the controls of the Great Escape ll. Dean knows the shipwrecks and the best dive sites on the Apostle Islands-he can practically guarantee you adventure.

Dean also owns the engine and equipment repair business since 1985. At the shop, they can fix almost anything.

Give Dean a call if you can’t get it running.


Mirasol, hard at work at the repair shop
Mirasol, hard at work at the repair shop

Mirasol Tronrud, owner

Mirasol is a certified diver and Dean’s first mate on the Great Escape ll. She is great at organization and the glue that holds everything together.

In the summer, you’ll find Mirasol at the Fun Dives at the grill cooking up a storm for the rest of the hungry divers.

Mirasol is also in charge of the accounting for the repair shop.

Greg, fixing another tractor
Greg Ellis, mechanicGreg is a top mechanic who can fix almost anything.

He’s repaired everything from diesel boat motors to cars to tractors. If it needs work, Greg can handle it.

Don’t ask him anything about diving-unless all you need are your tanks filled. Greg isn’t certified, yet.

bouyjim_000 carmen_000
Jim & Carmen, lake diving
The Monsons, PADI instructorsIt’s hard to image more avid divers than Jim & Carmen.

When they’re not training new students, Jim & Carmen are out diving somewhere-they’ve probably dove most of the lakes in northwest Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota.

In the summer, you’ll find them training students, crewing aboard the Great Escape ll, leading the shore tours or training with Interstate Divers.

In the winter, they’re volunteering at the Duluth

Aquarium, leading a trip to tropical places or ice diving as well as training students and working with Interstate Divers.

If you need information on fresh water diving, contact Jim or Carmen and get the inside information about your dive site. Just don’t ask them anything about engines or repair work-they are definitely not mechanics.


 boatrecovery_001Interstate Divers during a boat recovery

Interstate Divers, LLC

Interstate Divers is an organization dedicated to providing professional public safety services. They work with all types of organizations: police/sheriff’s departments, fire departments, towing companies, marinas, etc., aiding and assisting with rescue, recovery and salvage operations. They also provide training, equipment and assistance for those agencies and departments interested in forming their own dive teams.

If you are interested in becoming an associate member or would like some information for your department, check out the web page entitled Interstate Divers or email mctech@amerytel.net.