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Apostle Islands

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We invite you to cruise the “unholy” Apostle Islands on Lake Superior, in Bayfield WI. We offer dive charters and water taxi services.

Spend a day on an island, hiking, picnicking or relaxing or join us and dive some of the best freshwater diving in the US.



Ships have surrendered to Lake Superior for years; you’ll be exploring old wooden schooners that sank in the 1800’s, barges that twisted up in storms in the 1900’s, tugboats that tried to help and became victims themselves-each shipwreck has a story to tell.

Lake Superior’s clear water preserves the wrecks as if they sank yesterday. Don’t miss this opportunity to touch history.


Bow of the Lucerne, sank in 1886

Click to view the Apostle Islands Shipwreck History

Sea Caves are a unique phenomenon to Lake Superior.

The lake has carved several caves, valleys, crevices and cracks in the soft sandstone of the islands creating beautiful formations.


Sea Cave off Sand Island

 The logging and mining industries left behind many of their remains as they tried to conquer Lake Superior.

The Noque Bay was loaded with lumber when it burnt and sank off Stockton Island October 5th, 1905.

"Boiler on the Wreck on the Noque Bay"

“Boiler on the Wreck on the Noque Bay”

Our water taxi services will speed you quickly to your destination, visiting the many islands.


Your view as you cruise Lake Superior

Take a hike through the wilderness, visit the abandoned mining areas or picnic next to one of the Apostle Island lighthouses.

We are also offering guided walking trips this year. Some of the sites are brownstone quarries on Basswood, Hermit and Stockton Island and the lighthouses on Raspberry, Outer, Michigan, Devils and Sand Island.

Don’t Miss Out!

Dive Charter Rates:

Our rates are based on 2 tank dives: whole day charters are $170.00 per person (3 dives) , half-day charters are $85.00 per person (2 dives).

We have a 4 person min and a 6 person max on our Dive and walking Tours.

Walking Tour Rates:

Whole day trips: $170.00 per person

1/2 day trips: $85.00 per person

Water Taxi Rates:

Water Taxi rates include drop off , pickup for up to 6 passengers and gear.

Basswood $232.80 Outer Sand spit $897.00 Rocky $667.00
Hermit $360.00 Outer Light $979.00 South Twin $667.00
Long $315.20 Devils $720.00 Otter $595.00
Oak $360.00 Sand $537.00 Manitou $480.00
Cat $712.00 Raspberry $482.00 Stockton $540.00
Michigan $637.00 Bear $585.00 Ironwood $720.00
York $514.00

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Join us for some great diving, relaxation and exploring the islands.

Our whole day dive charters are to the outer most Islands and we use two tanks but the 2nd and 3rd dives are shallow so we split the 2nd tank to get 3 total dives and we’ll stop on an Island for a short break.

Our 1/2 day trips are within a 8 mile radius of Bayfield and we dive 2 different sites.

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