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Diving Classes


Classes Begin!

At Northland Equipment & Diving, we’ve been teaching classes for over a decade.

We teach PADI certification courses, the most recognizable dive agency in the world.

Course Offered Classes Begin Open Water Location OW Cost
Discover Scuba Call for dates $45.00
*Open Water Year round at New Richmond pool June-SeptClear Lake Clear Lake $425.00Class,pool,

Checkout dives.

Advanced OW During Fun Dives & tours Jun -Sep Various locations-check let’s get wet! $285.00
Rescue Diver Call for dates Will schedule Classroom at Dean’s shop in Clear Lake.Water skills at Bayfield $475.00
Divemaster Call for dates will schedule New Richmond pool /Lake Superior $575.00

*Open water classes run continuously year round with the open water dives from June to Oct-call for current dates.

Advanced Open Water can be started now! Pick up your book and get busy, then join us for your adventure dives during one of our adventure’s in Caribbean or during our fun dives or tours this summer!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Do I need to be a strong swimmer?

A. No, for most classes, you need only to be comfortable in the water and capable of swimming continuously for 200 yards and treading/floating for 10 min. The exceptions are the Divemaster course, which is the first step for career training, and the Discover Scuba course which has no swimming skills.

Q. What do I need for the first class?

A. For most classes You will view the PADI videos (DVDs), read the PADI textbook and complete the knowledge reviews at the end of each module. Both the books and the video are included in the course fee and the book is yours to keep. You will also need to complete a PADI student record file (including a medical statement). Discover Scuba is the exception-there are no study materials.

Q. Are private lessons available?

A. Yes! We arrange a great deal of private lessons for individuals and groups-just call and make arrangements-we can work around your schedule.

Q. Is there an age limit?

A. For Discover Scuba, you need only be 12 years old. Otherwise, to qualify for Open Water, Advanced Open Water & Rescue Diver you need to be at least 12 years old. Those 12-16 may take the courses and receive Junior certifications. Those with a Junior certification at 12 to16 yrs old must dive with a parent, guardian or PADI professional. To qualify for the Divemaster course, you must be 18 years old.

Q. What equipment will I need?

A. None. Northland Equipment and Diving can provide all the equipment that you need-in fact, the rental gear and air fills are included in the cost of the class. You may wish to purchase gear that fits you uniquely, but it’s not required.