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Let’s Get Wet!

We love to dive and it shows.
During our dive season, we’ll plan a lot of activities for interested divers, so come join us and let’s get wet!



Some of the gang from the ice-in dive 2009


Join us July 25th

6:00 pm for our Fun Dive

We’ll meet at Beaver Dam Lake in Cumberland WI. Dean will bring the grill and dog’s. Please call in advance if you have any equipment needs or air.

July  25th 2018

6:00 pm

Specialty Dives…

If you had the right training (something we can provide), you can join us for some adventurous specialty dives: ice diving, deep diving, search & recovery, night dives, etc. Check here or call/email for current dates.


Ice Diving At Lower Pine Lake WI.

Entry at the Maderia site north shore

Fun Dive…

Please sign up for our email list-and we’ll inform you as our fun dives come up.

Let’s Get Wet!

If you’re planning to join us on our tours, fun nights or specialty dives-please call or email us so we can provide you with further details.